Worser and Worser

September 28, 2009

From the ugly-future files, I bring you Krugman’s latest missive.

Pretty much in tune with what most of us who are paying attention already know.  We’re in trouble.  The predictions are dire.  Expect more sandstorms.  Except that, and here’s where I disagree, it ain’t laziness or inconvenience that’s driving this train.  It’s the sheer wickedness of the problem.   Unlike health care, which should be a moral no-brainer, but which has been hijacked by ideologues, the problems that give rise to climate change are complicated to their core.  They start with assignment of responsibility.  How the hell can it be wrong for me to do what is plainly right for me (namely, buying a lot of great and flashy stuff so that my kids can live the best life possible)?  I’m working on a paper on this topic, among others, right now.  And I should be spending more time on that paper, and not this blog (right now).


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