Cidade de Deus

October 2, 2009

And now that the decision is final, there will certainly be no problems with income distribution, health disparity, drug abuse, homelessness, or crime.   Just chickens.  Lots and lots of chickens:


  1. Thoughtful post Ben. I will take you to Rio in 2016, everything will be OK. I assure you it will be much better than Chicago.

  2. Eh, I was just looking for a way to integrate that clip. The movie is fantastic. But if you want to usher me around Rio, I’m game. Let’s go! I guess my somewhat more realistic concern is that this opens the door for some pretty aggressive clean-up measures, as well as some pretty ugly corruption. Depends how it’s done, of course, but past experience suggests that some cities will raze their poor communities in the interest of putting on a pretty face.

    To be frank, I think Rio was the best and the right choice. I’m just a little concerned that there will be a nasty ramp-up process.

  3. It’s all good, just responding in kind.

    You’re right, in the Eco-92 Conference in Rio they put the army in the street for 2 weeks, the drug cartels took a much needed vacation, left the city, and when the conference was over everything went back to “normal”. I think this time it will be better, it will be very good for the country too, but a lot of the existing problems and clean up won’t get pretty.

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