Hotter than Oprah

October 2, 2009

Since most of the traffic currently heading here is likely funneled through Roger’s blog, I probably don’t need to repeat this (though I do harbor a small hope that a few others are reading). Nevertheless, I thought I would post this book list compiled by Nature.  The magazine asked Mike Hulme, Tony Juniper, Mark Lynas, Oliver Morton, Ron Oxburgh, Rajendra K. Pachauri, Roger Pielke, Jr, Andrew Revkin & Joseph Romm, all to select one book as recommended reading in the lead-up to Copenhagen.  As a word nerd, what I like about this list is its diversity of views.  I will certainly be bringing a few of these selections to local coffee shops in the near future.  Carry on.

One comment

  1. I respect Andy Revkin’s honesty, intellect and curiosity, but he’s been a True Believer in the paradigm that CO2=AGW for a long time. Joe Romm is a caged politician. Rajendra Pachauri is curiously compromised; he’s mused publicly if someone hasn’t gotten their sums wrong about AGW, and he’s supported more coal plants for India.

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