Dangerous People

October 22, 2009

I really object to this list of the so-called “most dangerous global warming deniers.” It’s not that I want to defend the people on this list. Most of them are complete nitwits. It’s that I think that vilifying people is terribly counterproductive, and perhaps generative of danger. I am reminded of repeated calls for the heads of university professors. I think those on that list will attest that this kind of politics is nasty and unhelpful.

Sure, some people can be dangerous, but most of the time, they’re just people. Focus on the ideas, on the issues, on the positions. Oh, I know, doing so is not as much fun. Many times it can be extremely frustrating. In cases where policy decisions matter, it can feel that the position another advocates is, and therefore that they who hold and defend that position are, dangerous. But I have to believe that it doesn’t help matters to single out dangerous people.

Carry on.


  1. Ben,

    You write: “But I have to believe that it doesn’t help matters to single out dangerous people.”

    Especially when it’s “43 percent of the American people,” which is what the last slide in that Huffington Post piece reads.

  2. To be honest, I didn’t get that far. But yep, you’re right. Good point. Now, back to the Yankees.

  3. It seems that once one says “Global Warming Deniers” as in “Holocaust Deniers”, it is imperative that something be done about those people. I wonder what her recommended solution is…concentration camps, reeducation camps, or just gas chambers? A bit over-the-top, but if the threat is extermination by climate, the something has to be done about the “Deniers.”

    As I see it, Lila Shapiro hasn’t thought through to the logical conclusion of her article.

    By the way, Carbon Dioxide has been historically much higher than todays levels and isn’t considered dangerous until it reaches about 8,000 ppm (currently about 390 ppm).

    • How’s that passive voice working out for you?

  4. I’m reminded of John Kennedy Toole. When true geniuses arise, they are called nitwits.

    • Well, maybe, but you are talking about people like Glenn Beck and James Inhofe. Their nitwittery is unrivaled.

  5. Inhofe’s been on to the charade for a long time, and Beck just took down a couple of Obama’s maniacs, initiating a Nixonian like reaction from Obama’s WhiteHouse.

    Ben, I think you are a lost cause.

    • Re: lost cause, and dangerous people, like Steve McIntyre, do you know that he mentions you in the thread about re-visiting Yamal. Better check out your sources a little better.

      Deltoid? Yegads.

  6. I suppose you think Chu made Inhofe look like an idiot about North Slope Oil. Wrong; it was vice versa. You could look it up.

    • I’ll give you a clue here; Steve at climateaudit.org in the archives even has a post about the Alaskan oil and Chu’s response to Inhofe’s question.

      I started in on Yglesia’s blog several months ago because his commenters had gone for a hundred comments before anyone bothered to ask who was right, Chu or Inhofe. Yglesia’s response to me eating his climate commenters alive? Banning, which at least you are not doing.

      • Here it is, May 3, 2009 in a thread entitled ‘Will Andy Revkin tee off on Chu’. Chu claimed tectonics got the oil up there. Wrong.

        So back to nits and wits. What do you have against James Inhofe?

      • I have nothing against Inhofe. It’s just that he’s a nitwit, but I’ll settle on a ‘windbag’ or ‘nincompoop’ if one of those appellations rings better to your ear.

      • Compelling argument there, Ben. When do you matriculate from Kindergarten?

      • It’s not an argument, but you know that. I’m just calling them names.

  7. Not worried. But thanks for your concern.

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