Skydiving for the Earthbound

October 23, 2009

This fun article over at the Atlantic offers some nice tales about amateur mushroom hunting, a quasi-dangerous past-time that I used to engage in often, but that parenthood has kept me from pursuing more ambitiously. I’m told that the season this year was terrible, but next year, let’s hope for better. Local Coloradoans might consider joining the Colorado Mycological Society. I’ve been on one foray with them, and they have some pretty well informed members.


  1. It was great in Northern Europe this year. You are merely unlucky.

  2. Bummer. I wish I coulda gone in Europe. The nice thing about the mushroom hunting in the States over Europe is that our forests are less populated by gajillions of amateur mycophiles, so competition isn’t as big of a problem. When I was in Russia, for instance, mushrooming was serious business. A person could be killed over the secret to her hunting spot.

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