Our Microbrews are Better Anyway

November 10, 2009

Looks like Rep. Betsy Markey of Fort Collins, Colorado — congressional guardian of the struggling hamlet to our north — voted against Saturday’s historic healthcare bill, HR 3962. While Boulder’s guy, Jared Polis, has had a few choice words about the healthcare legislation himself, he did, in the end, support HR 3962. (My god. What the hell is up with that website? It’s like the Game of Life on LSD.)

While it’s true that Fort Collins has a few things going for it — over, perhaps, the banana theocracy to our south — Betsy Markey only may or may not be one of those things. Not sure. The verdict is still out.

Whatever the case, there is a feisty rivalry between our two towns on many issues, extending well-beyond healthcare: academics, sports, energy alternatives, and beer. Fat Tire, for some reason, gets a lot of the Colorado press, but I am here to notify readers from outside the state of Colorado that the colonists at New Belgium only represent the teensy tip of an iceberg well-worth exploring. Fort Collins does have the fantastic Odell’s brewery (their IPA is unreal). But Boulder (and nearby hamlets Lyons and Longmont) boast a whopping 13 or more microbreweries.

If you ever end up in Boulder, be sure to give Avery’s IPA and Maharaja a sample. Apart from Avery, we have Lefthand, Boulder, Mountain Sun, Walnut, Upslope, Oskar Blues,  Twisted Pine, among others. And, of course, Denver has its annual Great American Beer Festival.

None of this post is intended to make any sense, except to signal that I’ve somehow found a way to weave commentary on the health care bill, climate legislation, and beer together in one pathetic entry. Carry on.


One comment

  1. Ben, I will not attempt your stunning rhetorical feat. I have nothing to add about climate today. But I will say that if you consider yourself to be a beer connoisseur, you should try to get your hands on this little baby from Avery: Sammael. (It’s part of their “Fallen Angels” series of ales. That should tell you enuf…)

    It’s definitely an experiment in way, way, way over-the-top brewing, and most folks may not like it. I’ll sum it up this way: It is almost literally a six-pack in a bottle.

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