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Out of Character

November 23, 2009

Andrew Freedman has an interesting perspective over at the Washington Post. My colleague Tom Yulsman has a much more interesting position on the extremely strong case for climate science even if we discard everything that Jones and Mann have ever produced. And James Inhofe is launching a monolithic investigation into the state of everything he finds offensive (subscription required).

Here’s this quote from Freedman’s interview with science historian Spencer Weart, author of The Discovery of Global Warming:

Look at last week’s verdict on the Bear Sterns hedge fund managers who were accused of misleading investors. The prosecutrs based their case on a few seemingly incriminating sentences drawn from a mass of emails. When the jury saw the whole set of emails, they quickly found that there was no crime, just ordinary business chatter. From what I’ve seen, I expect that will be the verdict on the climate scientists’ emails.

In other news, Raymond Pierrehumbert has a hidden affection for Lassie.