No APA Overflow Hotel

December 4, 2009

Wow. This is pretty unbelievable.

I’m sorry to have caught this so late, but the APA regretfully announces that they have failed to secure an overflow hotel for the Eastern meetings.

So, all you job seekers who, quite sensibly, were waiting to make travel arrangements until you discovered whether you had any interviews (and thus any reason to travel to New York City over the Holidays): If you’re lucky enough to have interviews at the Eastern, you’re on your own for a hotel! Thankfully, the APA has provided a list of nearby hotels. Enjoy the criminal booking rates!


  1. Philosophy is an ugly beast – a matter of feeling – All manner of things are true but we love, so much, struggle in our very souls with the future of our posterity, our children, our past and our future. Can we be cynical, never. We love, we feel, we are.
    We must stake our all on every word we say to know what such words mean. You think that Utopian – but having the teeth to bite on real concepts and having the guts to have some kind of intellectual conscience – is. Think of it!
    To suggest that we ‘deny’ a possibility for the mere sake of being right is perverse and I can’t help feeling disgusting.
    I mean, I wish some would grow up!

  2. Sorry, Wrong comment, wrong time, wrong place. Perhaps, I’ve begun too much to like your blog. Sorry.

  3. I’m having trouble thinking of a “right time, right place” for that comment. Glad you like the blog tho. 😉

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