December 6, 2009

Immediately upon arriving we took the shuttle from the airport to the registration desk. Organized chaos. Apart from the long lines at the Bella Center, the city of Copenhagen has prepared nicely for all arriving — there are outposts at the airport, the transportation is free, there are maps everywhere, and there are COP 15 signs and banners on almost every corner.

On the scuttlebutt front, everybody is talking about the CRU hack. It looks like the Fox News angle is winning the day here. We’ll see how Yvo de Boer handles it tomorrow morning. At present, his position seems to be that even though there are some discussions in those e-mails that need attention, that the e-mails themselves (a) don’t do anything to the scientific record and (b) actually increase the pressure to improve transparency, which is another very good thing for climate science. The Bella Center holds 15,000 people, yet there are 34,000 people registered for the conference. I’m no mathematician, but hopefully those who attend are quite a bit skinner than average.

More as things unfold. It’ll be interesting.



  1. For every possible angle on the CRU email/code leak, see here.

    All things considered, it was an inside job. But folks can make up their own minds once they’ve read all the info.

  2. I don’t think it matters which side of the climate debate one sits, there is no doubt from the Climategate documents that the CRU were not conducting science, rather they were working for the IPCC to prove the AGW hypothesis correct.

    Their work has to be re-done in a transparent way before any major decisions can made at COP15. The work that the CRU/GISS did has had a major impact on IPCC reports, and is used in many other scientific papers.

    Scepticism and truth are the watchwords of real science.

    • “Their work has to be re-done in a transparent way before any major decisions can made at COP15.”

      What about the 99% of all climate science that has nothing to do with CRU or temperature records or the hockey stick?

  3. Amazing how much I disagree with both of you.

    • Not so amazing or even a surprise to readers of your blog.

      Enjoy Copenhagen!

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