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Smells Like Butterflies

January 3, 2010

If the movie Avatar doesn’t introduce a new wave of Anorexic Blue Man chic, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. “Long, skinny, and four-fingered” has my money for the fashion vogue of the new millennium. Expect trash-bins full of severed pinkies arriving at a teen fan-base near you. Want a little bang for your buck? Buy stock in laundry detergent and black lights.

All kidding aside, the movie really is a sight to behold. It’s certainly worthy of praise as one of the most engrossing sci-fi pictures I’ve seen in a long time. Among other things, it shifts special effects expectations to a new level. The imagery is surreal. The colors are vibrant. The scope is mind-boggling. The reality is virtual.

To put it differently, this ain’t your pappy’s 3D. It’s a whole new experience in holy shit.

Even still, I couldn’t help feeling that the mythology of the movie was drawn a bit too much from yesterday’s environmental movement. The story, in a nutshell — and I don’t think I’m giving anything away, but if you are worried about spoilers, stop reading now…

Here, I’ll even give you a standard screamer…SPOILER ALERT!!!

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