Philosophy and Business

January 14, 2010

Can’t say I disagree with this guy. It’s often difficult to get the practically minded graduate student to take the bait that philosophy actually does offer practical guidance, and that it can be helpful in a huge range of areas… but having spoken with innumerable philosophy and non-philosophy majors, I believe that it does. Not sure that this article makes the case any better than simply asserting that it does, but philosophy is more-or-less a post-experience good.

The financial and climate crises, global consumption habits, and other 21st-century challenges call for a “killer app.” I think I’ve found it: philosophy.

Philosophy can help us address the (literally) existential challenges the world currently confronts, but only if we take it off the back burner and apply it as a burning platform in business.

It’s all very interesting, coming out at approximately the same time that the UK is training its guns on the “blue skies” disciplines that have no apparent economic value.

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