Urban Caveman

January 14, 2010

Pebbles FlintstoneAt first, I thought this was a joke. Someone gone Geico crazy. But no, the New York Times reports about this “latest fad,” not long after the raw-foods craze of the early zeds.

Mr. Le Corre, 38, who once made soap for a living, promotes what he calls “mouvement naturel” at exercise retreats in West Virginia and elsewhere. His workouts include scooting around the underbrush on all fours, leaping between boulders, playing catch with stones, and other activities at which he believes early man excelled. These are the “primal, essential skills that I believe everyone should have,” he said in an interview.

How very Tyler Durden.


  1. It’s science.

  2. not a joke at all. There is a real, and IMO positive, back to nature movement in fitness circles.

    An enjoyable and popular book that touches on this is “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougal.

    Its all about the natural movements baby! Think about it, why spend thousands on highly specialized equipment that offers almost zero functional benefit when you can exercise yourself in a highly functional and enjoyable way for free!

    Cave-men were fit, by God, and they had neither nautilus nor Nike.

  3. I just saw for the first time your page and I am allready in love with it!

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