Verdict is In

February 2, 2010

The so-called “Mann Inquiry” has concluded. For those living under a rock for the past several months, Penn State climatologist Michael Mann is under investigation by a preliminary panel of his own colleagues to determine if another panel should investigate incidents of wrongdoing at Penn State with regard to the alleged wrongdoing uncovered through the nefarious purloining of several thousand e-letters in the previous decade — an incident known to many as “climategate,” or to others as, “CRU-hack,” depending on their perspective. Findings will be released soon.

Oh, sure, I could dispense with the drama, but that would be far less fun. It’d be boring to paint such a panel as standard procedure in these sorts of affairs.

Meanwhile, a friend points me to this recent article. Kinda old analysis, IMHO, but shrug, I’m not one to leave a party before it ends. Plus, the metalheads over in the corner keep beating the same tin drum.


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