March 6, 2010

I just got this spam in my inbox. If it didn’t reference the philosophy industry, it’d almost make sense. How can I not agree with this?: A≠A.

You could have a high-paying job in the philosophy industry in just 12 weeks!

Have you ever wondered why some of the most powerful voices in American media come from uninformed idiots who were lucky to get through high school?

Have you seen what passes for leadership in the American Congress?

As for Wall Street, gag me with a trillion bucks!

How did all these morans get such high paying jobs?

It’s not because they know more than you; it’s because they know something you don’t know, and that is…


That’s right, A≠A. It’s so obvious, no wonder no one ever thought of it before!

Why waste all that time reading books and thinking when all the hard stuff in philosophy has been done already? Learn ABSURDEST THEORY, the mainspring of a dynamic, new school of thought called Opinionism.


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