Data Valid

March 30, 2010

The AP reports that the UK panel charged with investigating the use of CRU data has found that the representations were valid.

LONDON (AP) — A parliamentary panel investigating allegations that scientists at one of the world’s leading climate research centers misrepresented data related to global warming found no evidence to support that charge, a panel announced Wednesday.

But the Science and Technology Committee of the British House of Commons did fault scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit and its director, Phil Jones, for the way they handled freedom of information requests from skeptics challenging the evidence for climate change.

The panel said that Professor Jones and his colleagues could have saved themselves a great deal of trouble by aggressively publishing all their data instead of worrying about how to stonewall their critics.

One comment

  1. Well good for Phil Jones.

    Maybe he can resume his post now.

    None of the FOI requests would have been necessary if he had published the data in the first place – as the panel has suggested would have been proper.

    Hopefully, data will be made available in the future without the need to resort to FOI.

    Even (gulp) if a skeptic requests it.

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