April 16, 2010

Hybrids be damned. Travelers? Turn back. The earth goddesses of Iceland will be conducting a small-scale geoengineering experiment for the next several days. But look, I’ve noticed a curious similarity with regional goings on. Here’s the statement from the World Health Organization:

In Geneva, meanwhile, the World Health Organization said people with respiratory problems should “limit their activities outdoors or stay indoors” if ash started falling from the sky.

Seems innocent enough, until you compare it to a recent statement by our University Chancellor Phil DiStefano regarding another smoke-related event:

“Those with medical conditions affected by smoke should communicate with their supervisors and consider leaving the Norlin Quad area by 3 p.m.”

Oh dear. I’ll be teaching my undergraduate class a few hours before this “event.” We’ll see how that goes.

Anybody have any links to posts on the projected climatic effects of this curious volcanic eruption? Is it just the case that there it happens to be in the path of US-Europe air traffic, or is it the case that this one is particularly sooty?

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