Reaming Critchley

May 20, 2010

Brian Leiter links to other blogs and their reactions to the new Critchley column. Since I’m on-and-off in-and-out of camping this week and next, I’m not in a position to offer very many comments. However, if you’ve already read the inaugural Critchley column, which you should, this synopsis from STFU is pure genius:

What is a philosopher? This one philosopher, Thales, fell into a well. He was looking at the sky. This is a metaphor. Silly philosophers. Water clocks are stealing your time, except only if you’re a lawyer. Lawyers have no souls, but they are successful, unlike PHILOSOPHERS. Silly philosophers, you have time, but you also don’t, but mostly you do. Your heads are always in the clouds. This is important: PHILOSOPHY KILLS. This is because Socrates once died, and he was a philosopher. Also, Bertrand Russell didn’t get a job once. Because of blasphemy! Silly philosophers. You are so anti-establishment and whatnot. This is why the Athenians killed Socrates. Were they right? I dunno. Whatevs.

Also, I should give props to my friends Roman Altshuler and Michael Sigrist for their blog, also discussing the Critchley column. I didn’t even know the blog existed.

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