New Ethics Blog

May 28, 2010

There’s a new ethics blog on the block, this time from Oxford. Looks like they have the appropriate admixture of extremely prolific folks and applied philosophers to make this one work. (As a one-man show myself, it’s hard sometimes to keep up the content.) To further support this conclusion, it has evidently been around long enough to have a substantial archives. Wonder what took it so long to pop up on the radar.

Be sure to link…


  1. great..

  2. Hi Ben

    thanks for the link,

    our site has been around for about 2 1/2 years, and we have had some 500 odd posts over that time covering a wide range of ethical issues in the news. We have a number of very prominent philosophers contributing including Roger Crisp, Julian Savulescu and Janet Radcliffe Richards.

    if you are interested feel free to follow us on twitter (@ethicsinthenews) or via rss http://www.practicalethicsnews.com/practicalethics/atom.xml


  3. Yeah, that’s crazy that I hadn’t seen it before. I’ll check it out more frequently and hopefully link to your stuff.

  4. It’s a relief to know that it’s not only in America that you can find educated people saying “peaked my interest.”

    • Huh? Nobody said that.

      • Second one down: “The Science and Religious Conflict Project team here at Oxford has recently finished hosting a major international conference on Religion, Tolerance and Intolerance [….]The conference involved a large number of very interesting papers by eminent scholars across a range of disciplines. One that particularly peaked my interest was a paper on ‘Religion as Parochial Altruism’[….]”

        I’m actually not making fun of this; it’s just that I have a usually unconscious idea that Brits look down on Americans’ mastery of the language. Probably from reading John Le Carre.

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