May 28, 2010

Ticks are disgusting. Carry on.


  1. I’ll say. I got bitten by one while on a springtime hike. Damn thing bit me under the waistbelt of my backpack, so it thought it was just a sore from that. That was until about a week later when the engorged thing dropped off my body…


  2. My son had to have one removed from his belt-line in New Hampshire last week. We came down to Virginia, hoping to escape the threat of Lyme in New England and thinking perhaps that the camping would be better here. Big mistake. Ticks are everywhere this year. We’d pull three or four off of him every day. It really put a damper on things.

  3. Ah, but having your loved one check your body for them after you come in from the woods can be very sexy indeed

    • But I didn’t have a loved one at the time, not so sexy.

    • Pretty risky gamble there, Eli. It’s sexy to be checked over, sure. But the first discovery of a tick and the magic rapidly disappears.

      • Ah, but after the excision we go into “Poor Bunny” mode……mmmmm.

      • Yipes. Cronenberg much?

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