Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress

August 3, 2010

The third annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (RoME), which I co-organize, starts on Thursday. It’s mostly a philosophy conference, but there are a few papers that may be of interest to readers of this blog. For more information, check it out here:


Papers that may interest folks are:

  1. Chrisoula Andreou (Utah): “Self-Defeating Self-Governance”; Comments: Hannah Love (Pacific Lutheran)
  2. Paul Baer (Georgia Tech): “Balancing Responsibility and Capacity in the Allocation of Climate Obligations”; Comments: Kelly Heuer (Georgetown)
  3. Mylan Engel (Northern Illinois): “The Immorality of Biomedical Animal Experimentation”; Comments: Sacha Sullivan (South Florida)
  4. Lisa Fuller (Albany): “Burdened Societies and Transitional Theory”; Comments: Steve Vanderheiden (Colorado)
  5. Lori Gruen (Wesleyan): “The Ethics of Captivity”; Comments: Molly Gardner (Wisconsin)
  6. Justin Weinberg (South Carolina): “When is Moral Hazard Hazardous?”; Comments: Ben Hale (Colorado)
  7. Shay Welch (Williams): “Democratic Equality, the Freedom Threshold, and Strong Sufficientarianism”; Comments: Adam Hosein (Colorado)

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