Philosophy TV

September 2, 2010

Plato would be so proud. Check it out.

Bookmark and wile your hours away listening to two nerds battle it out over issues you have to bend your mind around to persuade yourself to think you know what they’re saying.


  1. Ben,

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Also, thanks for sending Ron that paper today (I’m his co-author on the paper he sent you). I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  2. Cool. Who knew? Strange confluence of events. Nice to meet you. Perhaps I’ll meet you at the APA in Boston this year?

    • I’ll be there, but might be in a frantic state! I’m on the market. Still, we should get together and chat. I think we met briefly at the ISEE/IAEP meeting in the mountains a couple years ago. I commented on Avram’s paper and you gave a talk.

    • The market is ugly. Keep your chin up and let’s grab a beer.

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