What I’m Reading Today

October 4, 2010

I am too friggin’ busy right now to write anything substantive. Here are some good links to good articles and blogs:

  1. Libertarian Fire Department Let’s Free Rider’s House Burn
  2. Revkin responds to the crazy 10:10 ad, as does Roger, Tom, Romm, McKibben, and several dozen other climate bloggers.
  3. Christie O’Donnell is a nutjob
  4. Does re-routing the Arkansas river to be safer increase the liability of those who do the rerouting?


  1. Ooh, “crazy,” now there’s some incisive philosphical analysis. It is so, so, so very easy to fall into the trap of ignoring the critical issue that video raises. The problem is that on a gut level large-scale future death is less disturbing than a metaphorical one in the present. (And how does this relate to your “perennial problem”?) This informs. I would actually be interested in seeing you grapple with this.

  2. I thought about it, but i’m completely snowed under working on a book. Seems to be occupying most of my head at the moment. I’ll see if I can say something a little more intelligent later this afternoon. Thanks for stopping by, Steve.

  3. Thanks, Ben. No pressure. 🙂

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