The Fantastic Dr. Hale and Dane Scott

October 20, 2010

I just gave my talk, which was fantastic, of course, because I’m  fantastic, but also very sleepy, and so I was less than fantastic, but only in that moment, and if you want to hear my talk you’ll have to wait for it to go through the long tortuous publication wringer, which it will, probably, some day, but only after I type it up and put it into narrative form.

Dane’s talking now about technological fixes. I need to decompress a bit so I won’t take fantastic notes on this, but the idea is pretty neat and Dane has put together a nice little overview of technological fixes.

UPDATE: Here are my slides.


  1. congrats. I suspect your eventual post on your comments will be fantastic.

  2. so, who blogged your talk?

  3. A serious question, given that the effects of geoengineering will be global but that it can be implemented locally, who is going to tell whom what they can and cannot do? Who is going to stop them?

    If it gets that far the sky will be filled with black helicopters and no one will be able to do anything about it. That is the serious issue.

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