Clusterfuck… And that’s just the getting here.

November 29, 2010

My colleague Max Boykoff and I just sat on a bus for two and a half hours trying to get to the Cancunmesse, which is one of two halls where things are happening at the COP. The Moon Palace, which is where the real UN talks are happening, is 7 kilometers in the opposite direction. Basically, one has to travel past the Moon Palace from the Hotel Zone to get to the Cancunmesse. Once one is at the Cancunmesse, if one wants to go to the Moon Palace, then one must board a different bus to go there. To get back to the Hotel Zone, one must then leave the Moon Palace by bus, backtrack back to the Cancunmesse, and then take a bus from the Cancunmesse back to the Hotel Zone. That’s fourteen kilometers out of a person’s way, each way, to get to the EU discussion rooms. And that doesn’t account for traffic, which is a friggin’ nightmare, thanks in part to seemingly absurd militarization of the entire peninsula.

I’ll say more in a bit, as I’m still trying to figure out what’s doing in the Cancunmesse.

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