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SBSTA Plenary

November 30, 2010

Got off to another late start today, about 45 minutes late. Travel to the conference center was considerably easier, though still not the efficient mapping accomplishment that gives mathematicians the giggles.

Listening now to Christiana Figueres give the opening to the plenary. and now, the Chair of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBTSA) is laying the groundrules of the discussion. He’s just stated that he won’t allow any of the discussions to go beyond 6:00 PM. Gotta get out and enjoy the beaches, of course. More on the SBSTA event as it unfolds…

Meanwhile, let me recount my experience last night, which will eventually fall below this.

Yemen is speaking now, arguing for a party solution. Australia follows; want an effective global climate agreement. Grenada up; Korea now; lots of introductory le’ts-do-something talk.