A Dean with the Right Attitude

January 5, 2011

NPR has a heartwarming story of Laguardia Community College and their push to increase enrollment and interest in philosophy:

As state universities cut back on humanities programs in order to deal with budget shortfalls, LaGuardia Community College in Queens, N.Y., is going in the opposite direction. At LaGuardia, philosophy is king: Of the 17,000 matriculated students, 4,500 are taking philosophy. There are seven full-time professors, most of whom have been added in the past two years.

Unbelievable, really… but good news. Hopefully more universities will pick up the pace; and hopefully more philosophers and philosophy departments will see this as a sign that there is plenty of opportunity to build the richness of philosophy throughout the university system.

Oh, guess what? I finished my book. I think I might soon hop right back on the blogging train. (Yay me!)

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