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Rand Again

November 17, 2009

In keeping with a fine tradition of Rand-bashing links, I thought I’d point readers in the direction of this. Carry on.


Rand and Religion

October 21, 2009

I still aim to come back to the question about religion from earlier posts (also here), but here’s Jon Stewart interviewing Jennifer Burns on Ayn Rand’s atheism. Also interesting is this link from Brian Leiter referencing a comment by Donald Hubin, political and moral philosopher at Ohio State University. I’ll quote in full here, since […]


Outstripping Even Itself

May 5, 2010

Boy, the New York Times is outdoing itself today. It has two asinine articles on ethics. Here’s one, by Paul Bloom, on the amazing inclinations toward justice and morality of infant babies. (Yes, you read that correctly.) See? Fuck it. Reflection be damned, even babies are moral! And here’s another, by Robert Wright, on the […]



November 15, 2009

But worth the read: Ayn Rand as sociopath.


That’s What She Didn’t Say

October 5, 2009

The New York Times has a new piece on the dearth of women philosophers.  It’s a troubling problem, but one that the author attributes in part to the macho club-thumping that seems to be part-and-parcel of philosophy’s business as usual.  Certainly aggression has something to do with it.  Follow the trail back to the original article […]