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NPR on Limbaugh and Revkin

October 22, 2009

NPR is on the case.  Andrew Sullivan posts a nice commentary from one of his readers:

It was as if NPR decided that, instead of giving Limbaugh more attention, they would give the attention largely to his innocent victim. It seems sort of jujitsu–turn Limbaugh’s energy against him by promoting exactly what he attacks.


Unfortunate Loss of Deliciousness

October 17, 2009

Sci Am profiles the proposed ban by the UN on international trade in the bluefin tuna.


Still Traveling

October 15, 2009

Somehow I thought I’d have better internet access this week than last week, but I’m stuck in the hinterland of Michigan at my 89 year-old grandmother’s house with very little access. Apologies to anyone who is plugging in periodically.  I’m not even able to keep up with the news myself.


Revkin and Goode

October 14, 2009

New York Times journalists Andrew C. Revkin and Erica Goode respond to reader questions all week long. Write in with your thoughts.



October 9, 2009

Off to New York to celebrate my sister’s wedding.  I will be traveling most of the day today.  Check back periodically for updates.