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Capacity Building and EJ

October 27, 2009

Ariel Salleh (sociologist at the University of Sydney) gives a nice interview on environmental justice to Robyn Williams over at Ockham’s Razor. After a very long, jingle-bells-&-tinkling introduction, the discussion begins. What to do about the impoverished and poorest peoples?

Governments and international agencies have not given due credit to the capacities of peoples at the margins of capital. There’s a tacit environmental racism too, in letting these others pick up the tab, like when a nuclear waste dump is put in Aboriginal country; or when a REDD scheme converts the livelihood of Kalimantan farmers into a carbon sink for our coal-based consumer lifestyle.


The Woes of Oscar

October 22, 2009

Now how, exactly, is the new San Francisco law prohibiting the reckless disposal of food scraps supposed to work when so many poor monsters are dependent upon leftover trimmings for nutrition? This is clearly an inconsiderate strike against the interests of our lovable curmudgeon.  The grouch will have nothing to nosh on. He’ll go hungry, I say! He’ll stave, only to emerge weeks later — emaciated, chartreuse, and rail-thin — to terrify kids and spew all manner of hate-filled nonsense on freakishly-large birds with imaginary woolly mammoth friends.

What is he to do? Is he to eat plastic? Is he, woefully unqualified, suddenly to take bottom-of-the-trash-bin jobs photosynthesizing our waste?  Or will he be forever relegated to a life of crime, forced to steal cookies from other, more fortunate, monsters? What, pray tell, is the grouch to do when food scraps are pillaged from our waste stream?

There is no justice in this world.